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How it works. Before we can send your HERO BOX to your desired organization or hero, we need you to confirm a few more details about them and the reason why you are nominating them. We want to make sure that our HERO BOX reaches the intended person. That's why it is important for us to have these details. We will inform the recipient that you have nominated them along with a short message of thanks on your behalf.

After we have received your nomination, we will check your details. Please be aware - First come first serve and our HERO BOXES are limited!


Cybergroup has been partnering with some of the worlds biggest and best brands supplying promotional items, business gifts, merchandise, corporate fashion-wear and scale models. Founded back in 1994 by Steven Baumgartner and Roman Weiss with little more than a bike and a printing press, after 25 years our global team now comprises of over 200 highly skilled professionals working in our network of 15 sites. We specialise in providing “full service” support to international clients and are the high performance partner of many global brands. We deliver a trusted service through reliable, flexible and fast support. In each case tailored to meet our client’s specific requirements. In the modern era creating jobs and delivering high quality products is not enough.

As businesses become more successful their responsibility grows. Responsibilities towards its staff, clients, supply chain, the environment and natural resources. At Cybergroup we take our responsibilities seriously and believe in taking a pro-active approach to meeting these challenges head on.


What would we be without partners? What would be our campaign without our! Our thanks go to everyone involved!